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Get in touch with experts. We‘d love to give you a personal demonstration. Serving you since 1951.

Get in touch with experts. We ‘d love to give you a personal demonstration. Serving you since 1951.

Sound Equipment

New, vintage, used - we carry a wide range of sound gear. Download a list of brands (PDF) or come in to see what's on the floor new and used in-store equipment click here.

Our showroom - experience the sound

Stop by and EXPERIENCE the SOUND of our 9 systems. You can't do that on the internet.

World-class brands

We have assembled the best audio and video brands. Take a look at the list (PDF).

Matched components

We have matched the various components with each other to create the best sound quality.


Speakers have the largest impact on the sound quality of your system. We have a nice variety of floor standing and bookshelf speakers. B&W, Dynaudio, Sonus Faber, Brodmann are key brands you can listen to in our shop.

Amplifiers and Pre-amps

With our 9 listening systems, we have matched amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and integrated amplifiers with our speaker selection. Making the correct match can have a huge impact on sound quality. We know what works and what doesn't.

Turntables, Streaming

Having a good, clean source of music is very important. A good sound system will make a good source of music sound excellent. The quality of the recording is as important as the reproduction from your turntable, streamer or CD player. Come in and browse our album selection and play on our systems.

Cables, Interconnects

Superior cables, interconnects, power cords and isolation/de-coupling devices are often over-looked in system design. However, they have a huge impact on sound quality. We can guide you in making the best choices for your system.


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SINCE 1951

Sound aficionados, we welcome you and share your passion for the art of sound. You don’t have to choose between your passion and your budget. Our devotion, knowledge, and experience guides the selection of your entertainment space components and installation in an acoustically friendly environment - the nuances from your entertainment sources are revealed as if they were mastered for your space.

Our expertise extends beyond six decades in audio and video systems interpretations, yet our mission remains unchanged: To enhance the lives of our customers by making their at-home time exciting and enjoyable. \We interactively listen to you and craft the best-fit in-home AUDIO and VIDEO solutions for your unique space.


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