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Music streaming

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How it works

Open an app that connects to your streaming service (e.g. Tidal) or stored music library to your HiFi system and enjoy millions of songs at your fingertips. Not mp3 formats, but high quality recordings - convenient, no muss no fuss, no CD boxes laying around the house, no record carriers replacements. We’ll show you how.


Streamer/DAC - takes the digital signal, turns it into analog for High end System to produce highest quality sound.
Streaming service - music store or library on your portable device or computer
Technology is changing fast. Stop by to see what latest brand we have. (link to the footer)

Thing to know before you buy

Do you know particular’s of your internet service? What is the bandwidth?
Do you want to stream through wifi?
Do you want access to your hards drive music library?

How is it different from iTune streaming

The ability for streamers to play bigger files = high quality music. Open additional account with your music provider to access to the bigger, high quality sound files.

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SINCE 1951

Sound aficionados, we welcome you and share your passion for the art of sound. You don’t have to choose between your passion and your budget. Our devotion, knowledge, and experience select your entertainment space components and set them up in an acoustically friendly environment - the nuances from your entertainment sources are revealed as if they were mastered for your space.

Our expertise extends beyond six decades in audio and video systems interpretations, yet our mission remains unchanged: To enhance the lives of our customers by making their at-home time exciting and enjoyable. \We interactively listen to you and craft the best-fit in-home AUDIO and VIDEO solutions for your unique space. WELCOME HOME!

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