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Equipment for every sound - NEWS & UPDATES

4 years ago
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Lot's of new gear has been added to this past week, including this great phono stage from Audio Research! Shop online or in-store!

Kenny R.: No snake oil here

I have been a customer of HiFi Sound for almost 5 years now and I absolutely love the relationship I have built with the staff. About 5 years ago I began the pursuit of building my hifi system and as most of us know, the world of hifi can be daunting due to the vast amount of products on the market today. The beautiful thing about the Minneapolis area is its a hot bed of HiFi and a buyers paradise to shop local. I looked at a few different shops around town because I wanted to find the right sales guy who was going to take care of me, get me into a system that was affordable and that I could build on for a lifetime. I found that working with Terry at HiFi Sound was just easy. I never felt like I was being talked down to by a snobby HiFi salesman trying to sell me snake oil. Terry talked to me about the end goal of my system and laid out a game plan to build the system.Terry set me up in a listening room multiple times and left me alone to listen and make my own decisions on gear.
I ended up with a McIntosh MC 275 tube amp and kept adding gear every few months. Next was a McIntosh C2300 tube preamp, VPI Classic Turntable , a McIntosh D100 DAC and a slew of Nordost cabling, and ending with a pair of B&W 802Diamond speakers. Terry understood that a new pair of speakers were a stretch for me and as soon as a great deal came along he didn't hesitate to call.
If you are looking for great advice, cool products and in those most joyous moments a partner in crime to help craft a dream system, HiFi Sound is your place.

Curt S.: Great service

Excellent service! Called at noon to request a display bulb fix for my Yamaha receiver. Dropped device off at 1:00 and picked it up same day at 3:00. Technician was also able to clean a faulty input switch. Good price, cool inventory with a selection of vinyl on site as well. My thrift store receiver is now as good as 1992 new. I'll be back!

Bill M.: Curators

The term "curated" is thrown around today like a towel at a Twins game. If you are interested in almost any level of audio visual investment and want to see how true customer service and expertise really work, go to Hi-Fi Sound. I have been a customer since the very early 2000's and not once have I felt like an intermediate step to a commission by the sales force.
They have a long term investment in my amazement and delight in my stereo that sets a world standard for excellence and service. The end result of their commitment to my system is a marvel to technology, some of it as old as Marconi and all of it stunning in clarity, precision and durability. I feel as though when I look at my stereo system I have a curator in Hi-Fi Sound that is as dedicated as I am for the ultimate in sound delivery. Hi-Fi Sound is not cheap in any respect but my investment pays off in those precious moments when I can actually relax, sit down, and experience a musical recording or movie.

Ian R.: Sweet Tubes

I visited this store with the intent to select a new amplifier for my home stereo. I am an audiophile entering the "tube" sound market and I was a little nervous to buy my first amp.  I appreciated the patience of the gentleman that was working there while I asked my million questions, and listened to various models.  He helped me narrow down the search to two amps that I will be picking from very soon. I feel 100% confident spending my money here, and look forward to building my stereo with their help.


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Sound aficionados, we welcome you and share your passion for the art of sound. You don’t have to choose between your passion and your budget. Our devotion, knowledge, and experience select your entertainment space components and set them up in an acoustically friendly environment - the nuances from your entertainment sources are revealed as if they were mastered for your space.

Our expertise extends beyond six decades in audio and video systems interpretations, yet our mission remains unchanged: To enhance the lives of our customers by making their at-home time exciting and enjoyable. \We interactively listen to you and craft the best-fit in-home AUDIO and VIDEO solutions for your unique space.


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