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Get in touch with experts. We ‘d love to give you a personal demonstration. Serving you since 1951.

Get in touch with experts. We ‘d love to give you a personal demonstration. Serving you since 1951.


Your music experience

What is the experience you want to create for yourself? Explore possibilities with us.

In your home

Enjoy your time at home even more with a system designed just for you.

On a system that is right for you

We design a system with the correct components based on your needs.

Now and into the future

We design your system based on your current needs but with an eye on your future plans.

Imagine your possibilities

Imagine an audio system or home theater that reflects your vision, how you live and who you are. Imagine the enjoyment, the relaxation, the fun! Constrained only by one’s imagination, and budget, we’ll design a system that is just for you. We know what works and what doesn't.

Designing your space

Dedicated listening space? Dedicated home theater? Music throughout your house? Or something very uniquely yours? The sound quality of your system is impacted by your physical space. Room size, seating arrangements, speaker placement, reflective surfaces are some of the design variables we plan for.

Designing your system

Putting together the various components of a system is as much art as it is science. Our expertise and experience will inform the system design choices you face. Should I go with solid state or tubes? What turntable and cartridge will sound the best? What speakers make sense for the music I listen to? How much power do I need? We design your system based on the answers to questions like these.

A lifelong blueprint

We build a long-term relationship with you. Your life situation changes over time and your system can change with it. Your current system is a starting point. What is the component that is "the weak link" and that you need to upgrade? How do we modify your current system when the kids leave or you buy/remodel a new home? We create a blueprint that will guide you now and into the future.


excited about serving you

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SINCE 1951

Sound aficionados, we welcome you and share your passion for the art of sound. You don’t have to choose between your passion and your budget. Our devotion, knowledge, and experience guide the selection of your entertainment space components and installation in an acoustically friendly environment - the nuances from your entertainment sources are revealed as if they were mastered for your space.

Our expertise extends beyond six decades in audio and video systems interpretations, yet our mission remains unchanged: To enhance the lives of our customers by making their at-home time exciting and enjoyable. \We interactively listen to you and craft the best-fit in-home AUDIO and VIDEO solutions for your unique space.


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